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BREAKING NEWS: Lunch is postponed by 30mins!


To make our fatigue from yesterday even worse, someone decided to torture us by making the sessions and our wait for food longer! Lunch will now be served at around 13:30. This inhumane treatment has to stop and the people responsible have to be held accountable. 

By Brutus

Lies, Threats, and Danger

Conspiracy against the delegation of The Philippines

As the final day continue rolling forward in the UNEP committee, the delegation of the Philippines has been constantly belittled, attacked, berated and straight up ignored not only by the other delegations but by the chairs at the UNEP committee. While suffering from interruptions and humiliation from the entire committee, today the delegation was skipped while calling for attendance.

What do the chairs have against the delegation? Who is paying the chairs in the UNEP committee? Is it the Executive Board? Or does it go higher up to the Illuminati? Who is complicit? Perhaps it has to do with the missing delegate from the United States in the UNEP committee.

UPDATE: Leaked documents obtained by the Independent Patriot suggest an intense love triangle gone awry. The documents will be released to the public via carrier pigeon later today.

– By Wendy Williams


BONN- The biased UNWomen’s committee recently published its internal Working Paper on how they want to LEGISLATE language. Part of the said Working Paper mentions measures to FORCE gender-neutral positions and pronouns in the workplace. These Orwellian measures are to be expected from the Marxist loving warriors, but we Patriots need to be on watch. They’ve started to infiltrate our Government and are working with the DEEP STATE to undermine our tradional, family values that built this Great Nation of ours. Our Founding Fathers talked about Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, how can we fellow God-fearing citizens enjoy these unalienable rights when we get locked up in prison camps when using speech that the Red Terror Leaders deem bad. We call upon all Patriots to call your local Congressman/woman to get our Great Nation out of this Pol Pot infested body.


Press under surveillance?

Journalism team discovers surveillance bugs in press room.

Lets speculate WILDY as we analyze the evidence found.

This morning at approximately 11:00, an unhooked phone was discovered in the pressroom. After examining the device, it was examined by our team and it was determined that the phone was broadcasting and probably being recorded off premises, possibly to a foreign server.

What delegation has the most to gain from listening in on the press? CHINA? RUSSIA? THE UNITED STATES? The independent media is in serious danger after finding the bugged device. Two of our journalists have received vague threats and will be resigning tomorrow evening. 

Wendy Williams


BONN-TODAY, during the a meeting of the extreme LEFT-WING ‚UNWomen’s council‘, the CORRUPT  AND COMMUNIST Chinese delegate without reason attacked one of our own. Ambassador Pippa Maertens has bravely served our nation, having SERVED TWICE IN IRAQ and continuing to serve the people as a reserve officer in the Kentucky National Guard. The Communists  accused these United States of intervening in the recent elections of Hong Kong which was brutally annexed by the False Government in Beijing in 1997. The Independent Patriot  asked the Rightful Government of the Republic of China ,temporarily seated in Taiwan, for a response, but we have not yet received a response. The American People and The Independent Patriot stand by the brave patriots of the Hong Kong Protests. Ambassador Pippa Maertens responded with the greatest composure on this assault against America by saying that this had nothing to do with the topic being discussed and, with sufficient resolve, brought the grievances of the American People into the response by telling the Committee that the American People were disgusted.





BONN- Yesterday, one of our BRAVE investigative journalists managed to UNCOVER a massive scandal involving Nigerian Diamonds. The coked-up delegate of Nigeria in the Crooked UNEP managed to WOO his collegues into buying his BLOOD DIAMONDS. Call your LOCAL CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN to get them to stop giving our TAXPAYER’S MONEY to this LOONEY „““DIPLOMAT“““

Alexey Johnson


Left-wing Loonies of UNWoman WASTING time!!

BONN-Overpaid „DIPLOMATS“ of the UNWoman committee seemingly want to WASTE our TAXPAYERS‘ money by DELIBERATELY entering multiple misvotes. When our brave independent journalist wanted to inquire this grave abuse of your money, he was ATTACKED by one of the commitee chairs. Do we need more PROOF to get our POLITICIANS to stop funding this committee and instead to spend the BILLIONS we lose every year for our VETERANS???


Be international. Be a model. Be united. BIMUN.