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Carolin Lorbach (20)

"Busca el momento
y hazlo perfecto."

I am studying politics, sociology and law in the second semester at the university of Bonn. Although I am probably one of the "new ones" at BIMUN/SINUB, I am very motivated to make BIMUN/SINUB 2021 something special together with the genial ExCom-Team. BIMUN/SINUB is a great opportunity for me to work together on new ideas, to connect with other students and to link the content of my studies with the preparations for the conference.

As part of the participants and finance department, I am mainly the contact person for the participants of our conference. I am responsible for everything related to accommodation, committee allocation and organisation of the participants before and during the conference, together with the others of my department. So if you have any questions as a participant - feel free to contact me!


My favorite place in Bonn: The Rheinaue park during summer (especially during the festivals:D)


My hobbies: Crossfit, sailing, hiking, snowboarding


As a child I dreamed of becoming: A newsreader like in the German "Tagesschau"

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