BONN — The Council of the European Union (CoEU) started quickly on Friday morning. Delegates dived into the „constitution for the EU“ discussion very enthusiastically, switching extremely fast between moderated- and unmoderated caucuses; one could say they went from breakfast to lunch and dinner really quick.

The input of citizens; merging the pillar system; legislative initiative for the EU parliament; sovereignty and referenda to ratify an eventual constitution are all very important topics that have been discussed within the first hours of committee sessions. However, delegates have been switching between all of these topics without really agreeing on them or even agreeing to disagree on them. The delegate from France, the country that actually came with the EU constitution initiative, has presented a possible working paper, to which the press has had access.

The document is proposing more concrete solutions to topics that have been discussed. As the other delegates have had access to that document, we are expecting a whole lot more of interesting debates and hopefully concrete results today.

Besides the topics that have been the subject of debate so far; there are some more pressing issues we believe to be of the utmost importance. What about the membership of the union issues? For example a suspension of rights if member states do not comply with EU law or the voluntarily withdrawal of member states. What about the EU voting system, which should probably be reformed as a large wave of Eastern European countries are looking to join the EU?  Hopefully, these and other issues will be the focus of a fruitful debate soon.

The CoEU committee is ready for more, ready for another day of debates, and ready for this constitution.