Become a journalist!


Get ready to be a part of the BIMUN Tribune like never before! This year we will focus on social media and digital journalism, creating an even more interactive and fast-paced conference. While there will still be plenty of space for classic newspaper articles, following the conference theme, the BIMUN Tribune will explore the digitalizing world through video production, live events, memes, gossip and so much more. This year is all about you and what you have to say!

This is not a "normal" committee!

As a journalist you won't represent a specific country and debate with other delegates about certain topics. Instead you will observe the debates and report on different channels about those debates.


Mariana Rivas

My name is Mariana Rivas. I’m a 21 years old Political Science and Art History student at the University of Bonn, where I’m also a proud member of BIMUN/SINUB. I speak Spanish, English and German. I’m currently learning Portuguese and on good days I can understand a bit of French.

I’ve been MUNing since I was 15 as I attended my first conference in high school. The thing I love the most about MUNing is how it has allowed me to meet wonderful people from all over the world while discussing the most pressing topics in international politics. This year I have the honor of being Editor in Chief for the first time during the 20th edition of BIMUN/SINUB.

When I’m not studying, working or MUNing, I’m either having drinks with friends or reading a book or taking pictures.  

I’m very excited to welcome you all in November to the beautiful city of Bonn! 

Ferdinand Baune

I am Ferdinand, a 24-year-old former chemist turned political scientiest and your editor-in-chief for BIMUN 2021. It was during my high school years in Münster, Westphalia when I first fell in love with MUN. Missing school for days full of heartfelt debates with people from all around the world—good! Getting to socialize with uni students as a high school senior—even better! Once I started studying chemistry at ETH Zurich, I rediscovered this passion for debates and joined ETHMUN, as well as the organizing team of ZuMUN, my home conference.
Outside of committee and class rooms, you can find me taking pictures of people, cooking, or enjoying the occasional drink (alongside passionate debates) with friends and strangers. I speak a total of three languages - German, English and if you guess the third one, I'll buy you a drink at BIMUN!