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Become a journalist!


Get ready to be a part of the BIMUN Tribune, covering the debates in the different committees of the conference and of course getting all the gossip behind closed doors. Get creative and influence the on-goings of the conference with your coverage!

This is not a "normal" committee!

As a journalist you won't represent a specific country and debate with other delegates about certain topics. Instead you will observe the debates and report on different channels about those debates.

Viola Parma


Hello everyone, my name is Viola and I am a political science and psychology student from Bonn, Germany, where I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. - Academically, I am most interested in the European Union. I started participating in MUNs in my first year of university and have not stopped ever since, filling the position of delegate, journalist, Chair, and now, Editor-in-Chief. Last year I was part of the Executive Committee myself, responsible for the departments Participants and Green Conference. As a member of BIMUN/SINUB e.V., I am now responsible for the weekly activities of the association this year as Co-Head of the Activity-Team. This Conference will be the last one of what one could call a MUN-marathon this year and it could not be a better one, finally returning home. So when offered this position the answer was clear- immediately yes! Other than spreading much MUN-love all over Europe, you can find me playing the piano, cooking, reading, or going for a walk. If you do not know what to talk about at socials, weird animal facts, music recommendations or mythology will always find an open ear. - Together with Jonas, I will make sure you will be surrounded by memes and gossip, with attitude at all times, as you got yourself the Meme King and Meme Queen of BIMUN as Co-Editors this year.

Jonas Simorangkir

Hi there! My name is Jonas, and I am a biology student with a personal interest in biodiversity, ecology and zoology at the University of Bonn, Germany (so come to me if you want weird animal facts as your conversational icebreaker with my dearest co-Editor in the Socials!). Born in Indonesia and growing up in the Philippines, I discovered MUNs in my high school days. Since then, I have taken part in various Asian and European conferences in both online and offline formats, having served, among others, as Secretary-General, Director-General, Crisis Director, Chair, and of course, as the Vice President of the Association which I call my home conference, BIMUN/SINUB, for which I am more than excited to be serving as Editor-In-Chief this year. Outside of university and MUNs, I am a big fan of everything basketball (fun fact: Bonn is indeed the heart of German basketball), outdoor and/or team activities (escape rooms being right up there on the list) and playing the piano.
Alongside Viola, the best partner I could wish for in this position and the other person I share the “Meme Monarchy of BIMUN” with, I cannot wait to meet you all and make sure that you get your daily dose of news, memes and gossip in a fun way come November! See you then!

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