25/11-Bonn- While debating today on the “Institutional and Infrastructural Rebuilding of post-conflict Yemen”, all delegations of the Security Council encountered the following problem: can we talk about rebuilding a post-conflict country if the country is still torn apart by the war? So far, no sustainable peace has been made in Yemen and trying to consider this fact appeared as a priority for many delegates. This enterprise is however extremely difficult since several dimensions interwind in the Yemen crisis: religious, regional, international, political. Proposals and negotiations took place in 2012 after the Arab’s Spring and the reconciliation efforts resulted with presidential elections, held in Yemen on February. This peace process who arranged a power transfer within the country was unsuccessful and violence continues to consume the country.
Thus, the topic of humanitarian aids was in the core of discussions since it contributes to the peace by giving hope and saving lives and at the same time pave the way for the rebuilding. United Kingdom mentioned the need to ensure food security, as well as water and sanitation
as key focus.

-Marie Lavernhe