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UNYA Germany

What is the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Germany?

The United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Germany (“Junges UNO-Netzwerk Deutschland”, abbreviation “JUNON”) is an umbrella organisation of German UN University Clubs, Model United Nations Initiatives, school and university delegations to international Model UN conferences, UN Youth Campaign Groups, groups of young UN researchers and the like. Twenty-five UN Youth Groups have joined UNYA Germany so far, BIMUN belongs to the founding members.

The Association was founded in December 2005 and became a registered not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation in January 2007. It is open for membership both to university and school groups, regardless of whether they are registered or informal organisations.

What are the aims of UNYA Germany?

According to its constitution the aims of UNYA Germany are education and the promotion of international understanding and cooperation. These aims are realised by networking and cooperation between its member organisations, encouraging enthusiasm of young people for the United Nations, spreading knowledge about this international organisation and strengthening the commitment for the idea of the United Nations. Thereby UNYA Germany promotes international understanding and cooperation, as well as the aims of the Charter of the United Nations.

Members of UNYA Germany

The member organisations of the UNYA come from all over Germany:

The official Homepage of UNYA Germany: http://www.unya.de/